How We Were Deceived by a Historical Carpetbagger Scheme and the Birth of The PMA Manifesto

In the canals of history, there have been instances where we, as a society, have been tricked into falling victim to “carpetbagger schemes”. These schemes prey on our vulnerabilities, trust, and desire for better opportunities. In this blog post, we will explore a historical example of such a scheme and the inspiring story of how The PMA Manifesto came into being—a testament to resilience, empowerment, and standing up against fraudulent practices.

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1. The Historical Carpetbagger Scheme:

Imagine a time when promises of prosperity and financial security were whispered into the ears of those seeking a better life. In this scheme, a charismatic individual or group set up a deceptive system that offered false hope through fraudulent ministries, churches, or private membership associations (PMAs). They exploited our trust, faith, and aspirations, taking advantage of our vulnerability.

2. Falling into the Trap:

Many of us were lured into this scheme, enticed by the allure of privacy and saving money. The “carpetbaggers”, using clever marketing tactics, convinced us that by buying their ministries, churches, or PMAs, we would gain access to exclusive benefits, legal loopholes, or financial advantages. Little did we know that these promises were nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to enrich the “carpetbaggers” while leaving us vulnerable and deceived.

Editor note:

I would like to emphasize that I believe NOT all “PMA Experts” should be labeled as “carpetbaggers”. It is possible that some of them have been deceived themselves, perhaps by passing down information from a misleading source. I firmly believe that love and innocence reside within the hearts of all individuals, and mistakes can be acknowledged, rectified, and resolved. Life is an ever-evolving journey, comprising a series of experiences that serve as lessons for growth. 

I sincerely hope that these leaders, like our mentor, David Edwards, and some of our past colleagues at PMA Power, upon discovering The PMA Manifesto, take responsibility, conduct thorough research, and refrain from promoting or teaching fraudulent scams. Examining historical court cases reveals a recurring pattern, with periodic upsurges of such leaders followed by their retreat and reemergence after a decade or so. We can observe similar patterns during significant events like the Spanish Flu outbreak and Prohibition around a century ago.

As of now, all groups promoting the 508c1a tax code entity for a PMA, Ministry or Church, are sharing false information. Not one of them has fully changed their narrative. Please notify your community that the 508c1a is not what they have promised and I highly suggest reading The PMA Manifesto for evidence.

3. The Awakening and Rise of The PMA Manifesto:

As the truth about the “carpetbagger” scheme was discovered through our research, a group of individuals (us, we are the group of individuals) who had been deceived decided to take a stand. We came together to expose the fraud and create a movement—a powerful manifesto known as The PMA Manifesto. This manifesto was born out of a collective desire to empower and protect ourselves from fraudulent practices.

4. The PMA Manifesto: Empowerment and Protection:

The PMA Manifesto is a powerful document that outlines our rights, responsibilities, and the steps we can take to safeguard ourselves against “carpetbaggers” and their deceptive schemes. It emphasizes the importance of thorough research, due diligence, and independent verification before engaging with any religious organizations, ministries, churches, or PMAs. The manifesto encourages us to seek legal advice, understand our rights, and be vigilant in identifying warning signs of fraudulent practices.

The historical “carpetbagger” scheme that tricked us into false hopes and financial vulnerability serves as a reminder of the importance of awareness and empowerment. Through the birth of The PMA Manifesto, we have found a way to protect ourselves and take back control. By educating ourselves, standing together, and holding accountable those who seek to exploit our trust, we can prevent future instances of “carpetbagger” schemes and NOT let history repeat itself.

Let the story of our collective awakening and the creation of The PMA Manifesto inspire us to be vigilant, resilient, and empowered. Together, we can create a safer and more trustworthy environment, free from the grips of deceptive schemes and “carpetbaggers”. 

Please make sure to spread this information, share with all of your freedom loving groups and especially the ones that purchased fake Associations, Ministries and Churches, especially under the tax code 508c1a, there may be a very high chance that they could be negatively impacted by it in the near future. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational, entertainment, informational purposes only and does not constitute as legal or tax advice. 


  1. Why is PMA Power you didn’t know you had allowed to continue deceiving people? Isn’t there some way for us to warn others?

    • Hey Nancy, thank you for your comment! I am unclear your question, do you mind re-phrasing it? It sounds like you are asking, why is PMA Power still able to deceive people? The short answer is because they “believe” they are doing the right thing and not enough people like yourself, have taken actions to warn others.

      • Nancy Southwick

        Yes, that is exactly what I meant. How are people like me to do something about their deception? What steps can we take?

        • That’s a great question, and we have some action steps in mind for you:

          1. Make sure you have read The PMA Manifesto and gained a general understanding of the facts.
          2. Join our free monthly PMA call to continue learning.
          3. You can also join our Facebook group, ask questions, and dialogue with others that are in the same boat.
          4. Once you feel you have a solid grasp of the truth, share this information with people in your freedom communities and groups. Word of mouth is the best way to spread critical information.
          We are wanting to create a group of people that helps spread the Truth, because many people will be negatively impacted in the near future, so we need as many peoples help as possible.

  2. Do you expect there be changes in the laws or a crackdown on 508’s that you keep stating that many people will be negatively impacted in the near future? curious why you are saying this. thanks

    • Good questions… I don’t think there will be changes in the law or code for the 508c1a tax code, but yes, more of a crackdown for sure, especially from all of the new IRS Agents or AI IRS Agents. We saw that in all of our research on the court cases. To me, it occurred like the 508c1a is the cheese in the mouse trap, probably within this year to the next 5 years, at maximum, people will get in trouble on multiple fronts. We could see a scam cycle that happened about every 10-20 years, it was obvious during the Spanish Flu, Prohibition, Civil Rights movement, Y2K, etc… I say that “many people will be negatively impacted in the near future” because at least a couple million people got fraudulent documents in these last couple of years, plus we researched back about 100 years, it shows a clear map of exactly what happens, doesn’t look good at all…

  3. Does the ‘private domain’ exist? If so, why would it be difficult to establish a pma within it? What are the hazards of doing so? Is your PMA Manifesto deferring only to pma’s in the public domain?

    • Thank you for your insightful questions regarding the establishment of a PMA within the private domain. Indeed, the concept of the ‘private domain’ exists, encompassing various facets ranging from personal agreements to activities that, unfortunately, include illegal operations such as child trafficking, drug dealing, and other illicit endeavors. It’s important to acknowledge that while the private domain offers a degree of privacy and confidentiality, it also harbors risks and complexities, especially when operating in legally gray areas.
      Contrary to what some “PMA Experts” may claim, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or magic bullet for establishing a PMA within the private domain. While intimate associations can provide a level of privacy, crossing certain boundaries may inadvertently invite government scrutiny and jurisdiction.
      In The PMA Manifesto, we delve into the myths surrounding PMAs, Ministries, and Churches, shedding light on the intricacies of operating within the private domain. Our goal is to provide clarity and guidance, grounded in court case rulings and legal realities, to empower individuals and organizations navigating this complex landscape.

      I invite you to explore The PMA Manifesto for a comprehensive understanding of these topics, if you’re interested in exploring this further, a consultation would be the best next step.

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