Unveiling the History of Carpetbaggers: Fraudulent Ministries, Churches, and PMAs!

Throughout history, there have been individuals who take advantage of others’ faith and trust for personal gain. These “carpetbaggers” engage in deceptive practices, selling fake ministries, churches, and private membership associations (PMAs). In this blog post, we will delve into the history of these fraudulent activities, shedding light on their methods and the consequences they have on unsuspecting individuals.

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1. Origins of the Term “Carpetbagger”:

The term “carpetbagger” originated during the post-Civil War era in the United States. It referred to opportunistic individuals from the North who traveled to the South with the aim of exploiting the region’s social and economic turmoil for personal gain. Over time, the term expanded to include individuals who take advantage of others’ vulnerability in various contexts.

2. Fake PMA’s, Ministries and Churches:

“Carpetbaggers” who sell fake PMA’s, ministries, and churches often present themselves as religious leaders or having some form of faith, claiming to offer spiritual guidance and community support. They may establish organizations that mimic legitimate religious institutions, complete with titles, credentials, and ordinations that hold no genuine authority. These individuals exploit people’s faith and trust, seeking financial contributions and other benefits without providing the promised spiritual services.

3. Private Membership Associations (PMAs):

PMAs are legitimate entities, although that is not their legal name, they offer certain legal protections and benefits to their members. However, “carpetbaggers” may exploit this concept by establishing PMAs that pretend to be private associations and in fact they are just a regular business. They entice individuals to join these associations by making false promises of tax benefits, legal immunity, or other advantages. In reality, these PMAs often lack legitimacy and expose members to legal and financial risks.

4. Historical Examples:

Throughout history, there have been notable cases of “carpetbaggers” exploiting unsuspecting individuals. While specific details may vary, these cases typically involve charismatic individuals who manipulate people’s beliefs and emotions for personal gain. They may create elaborate narratives, misrepresent credentials, or use deceptive marketing tactics to lure individuals into their schemes.

At The PMA Manifesto, our extensive research has led us to study numerous court cases spanning over a century, from the time of the Spanish Flu, through the Prohibition era and Civil Rights movement, up to the current pandemic, C0v!d. During these historical periods and the present, a disturbing trend has emerged—an alarming surge of individuals falling victim to fraudulent “carpetbagger” schemes. These schemes involve the deceptive sale of fake Private Membership Associations (PMAs), Ministries, and Churches, affecting thousands to millions of unsuspecting people.

Consequences and Protection:

Engaging with fraudulent ministries, churches, or PMAs can have severe consequences for individuals who fall victim to these scams. People may lose substantial amounts of money, face legal troubles, and experience emotional distress. To protect oneself, it is essential to exercise caution and skepticism when encountering unfamiliar religious or membership organizations. Conducting thorough research, seeking independent legal advice, and verifying credentials can help avoid falling prey to “carpetbaggers”.

The history of “carpetbaggers” who sell fake ministries, churches, and PMAs reveals a dark side of human nature, where individuals exploit faith and trust for personal gain. It is crucial to remain vigilant and discerning when engaging with religious or membership organizations to ensure legitimacy and protect oneself from scams. 

We know from experience, we all were PMA Advisors under David Edwards and PMA Power! It was horrible to discover that this was a scam, and we pray you do not fall for the scams either!

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational, entertainment, informational purposes only and does not constitute as legal or tax advice.


  1. I want to a proper standing of PMAs. I’ll keep reading/studying/searching. I am so hesitant to ‘do business with’ anyone until I understand all the ins and outs.

    • Yes keep researching and it is smart to be “hesitant” when working with many of these groups. Good luck on your endeavors!

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