The PMA Manifesto





a public declaration of intentions, objectives or motives


This 26-page Manifesto reveals 12 Myths about Private Membership Associations (including FBOs, Ministries, and Churches) that have been unfortunately disseminated throughout the freedom-loving community. With meticulous research, countless hours and sleepless nights, we are now sharing the truth about PMAs with the world.

Once you have purchased this mind-blowing document, you will have only 5 days to download it before the Manifesto self-destructs. 

Download the file on your computer (unless you know the download location on your phone). If you made a purchase using cryptocurrency, the document will be sent to you via email.

3 reviews for The PMA Manifesto

  1. Donna Rodrigues (verified owner)

    I just got the email and I’m getting a message that I’ve reached my download limit! I have not downloaded the manifesto I need to hear back immediately. I am going to contact my bank to dispute the charge. This seems like fraud.

    • Patriot Penman

      Hi, I’m glad you let us know it wasn’t working! It’s a brand new site and we just learned the mobile download wasn’t working but it’s fixed now. Thanks for your interest and we have emailed you with a solution.

  2. RW

    This Manifesto helped us realize that all the “PMA experts” out there are basically selling fraudulent documents. It’s super important to stand up for your freedoms and rights while also making sure you’re not mixing the public (commerce / personal gain) and private (exclusive membership access to goods and services). The IRS loves to clamp down on fraudulent churches and attack people using these structures as tax shelters. So if you’re going to be accepting Federal Reserve Notes and not claiming lawful money redemption [12 USC 411], beware that you are creating taxable events that your bank is reporting and will eventually red flag the IRS agents who need to validate whether or not your organization is actually legitimate. If you used a SSN to get your EIN for banking, and you created an unincorporated association, that association is basically considered to be an extension of you and you are personally liable for it. If you’re receiving personal gain, or if the majority of your board of directors is related, compensated, or not the minimum required number of people, it’s going to raise suspicions about your organization. If you want to create a church, ministry, or a private educational or health association, you need to read this Manifesto first!

  3. Jennifer Puhl

    So, in the videos you posted on youtube you said the manifesto was $100. Than a later video said it was $150. And now I come to the website and it says $250? Is there some sort of credit we get coming here after being scammed by the David Edwards and Layne Linebaugh? Apparently, my $2500 PMA Founding Documents are not worth the paper they are written on?
    I don’t know where to turn. We cashed out everything we had to our names when we can barely survive in this economy.
    Tell me what I need to do next please.

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