Meet the Revolutionaries

We are a group of truth seekers and truth speakers, uniting for the purpose of absolute informed consent regarding Private Membership Associations. We seek to expose the lies promulgated by so-called experts in the PMA world.

Angela Harders

Angela Harders, M.Ed is a certified special education teacher, PMA advisor, and international best-selling author. She is passionate about living and learning with faith and freedom and inspiring others to do the same. In addition to being an educator and an entrepreneur, she is also a single mom to two amazing children and the founder of PAX Ministries and Peaceful Worldschoolers.

Angela Gasior

I am first, a follower of Yeshua as well as a wife, mother and music educator of 14 years.  My purpose is to glorify the Father and bring complete Truth to our world. I have most recently owned and operated a small herbal wellness company, music lesson studio and freedom market. I stand on informed consent and bodily autonomy. Parental rights and religious freedom are given from God and no man or government has authority to take them.  Home birthing, home schooling, and home building is my jam. 

Aaron Bowman

Aaron Bowman is a Twenty-year USAF veteran has worked in law enforcement for over 18 years. As Aaron progresses through law school, he keeps assisting people in rediscovering their autonomy and God-granted rights. This is all made possible by his supporting wife and family.   

Erika Walton

Erika’s career has been aligned with her heart since the very beginning when she started her own jewelry business at 15 years young.  A successful jewelry designer for 11 years, until her heart was guided to create more purpose driven businesses, including curating an all-areas-of-life-encompassing master class called Destiny By Design. Plus also being an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, a business mentor, and abundance coach.  
Erika’s mission in life is for people to create the life of their dreams filled with abundance, purpose, health, passion, personal freedom and own their God given Power!