Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is my Faith Based PMA paperwork adequate?

A: If your documents were written as a faith based organization, ministry or church then you likely need to make some corrections to your paperwork and also how you’re operating.The PMA Manifesto goes into that in great detail. 

Q: Are PMA’s real?

A: “PMA” is an acronym for Private Membership Association. All associations have different levels of privacy and membership, and they are all people coming together to associate. Unfortunately the name is made up and is not a legal word, it is a concept. Other things to know, is If you wish to gather in private and not engage in commerce, then yes, there are structures that are private. If you plan to engage in business activities, you’ll need to organize as either a for-profit or not-for-profit entity. 

Examples of real associations, that are private, and you must be a member are: Freemasons, Elks, Kiwanis, Lions, NAACP, NRA, DNC, RNC, Boys and Girls Club, The Clinton Foundation, Hells Angels, road associations, HOA, AMA, BAR Association, and so many more. Take a moment and think of local and larger associations in your area?

Q: Is my Faith Based Organization or Ministry protected under 508c1a?

A: No, only churches can operate under tax code 508c1a. 

Q: Is David Edwards (PMA Power) the only one giving wrong information?

A: No. Our research has shown that most, if not all, PMA outfits are sharing misinformation.

Q: What is the 508c1a good for?

A: 508c1a gives churches the freedom to operate (under the restrictions of 501c3) without applying for non-profit status or asking permission from the government. 

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